What Is The Proper Way To Install Vinyl Flooring?

What Is The Proper Way To Install Vinyl Flooring?

When installing vinyl flooring, you can follow some basic steps to ensure a quality result. For example, you should place the underlayment plywood on the floor of your room before you begin the flooring installation. After placing the underlayer plywood on the floor, you should leave the room for at least two days to let the moisture level in the room decrease before installing the vinyl flooring on top. Contact these numbers to find vinyl flooring suppliers in Abu Dhabi.

Hire professionals:

Hiring professionals is the best way to avoid making mistakes while installing vinyl flooring. They can ensure that the installation process is done perfectly and that there are no problems down the road. Ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations if you need to figure out who to hire. Inexperienced workers can make mistakes you don’t notice, resulting in uneven floors and a bad result.

Make a floor template:

Before you start laying the vinyl floor:

Make a floor template. This template can be made with a piece of felt paper and can be used for the entire room.

Before you install the floor, be sure that the surface is clean and dry and that it’s level.

Remove any baseboard molding.

Choose the best underlayment:

If you’re installing vinyl plank flooring on top of a plywood subfloor, you must choose the best underlayment. This is just as important as the flooring itself, as it provides a protective layer on the bottom of the boards. Underlayment can also help muffle sound, control moisture, and make hard floors more pliable. Foam is the cheapest type of underlayment, but it’s not recommended for floors that need to handle moisture well.

When shopping for underlayment, you should know its STC and IIC ratings. This is a good indication of its durability. The underlayment should be thick enough to deal with imperfections in the subfloor. While it may appear a little plasticky when unrolled, it will smooth out once the vinyl is installed.


There are a few different patterns to choose from when laying vinyl flooring. Depending on the size and style of your floor, you may choose a random layout or a pattern with multiple colors and textures. In either case, you will want to avoid having too much repetition. You can use a few common patterns, including the grid and herringbone patterns.